Staud Cycles Custom Motorcycle FAQ

What is required as far as payment is concerned to get the ball rolling? We accept a minimal of 1/3 of total estimated completion cost up front and this begins the process. An additional 1/3 is due after we build the roller (50% complete usually around 6 months into the project) and you inspect the progress and approve of the direction the project is going. The final payment is due at the completion of the project no later than 30 days after completion.

How are the projects prioritized? It’s based on a first come first serve basis. When you make your first payment you are the next in line and so on.

How long does a typical custom build take? One year build times for 3-4 customs a year is the current average. This can change based on demand so lock in your spot as soon as possible.

What is required other than money to have a bike built by Staud Cycles? You will need a donor bike of sorts. At the bare minimum as engine and title. The most common being a 1963-70 Triumph 650. All that is needed for those years is a motor, front frame loop and title. For OIF (oil in frame 1971 and later) framed Triumph’s we do not use the original frame, we source out a new frame from David Bird etc..

Do you build other customs besides Triumph’s? Yes, from time to time we will build a cafe racer of sorts from a Honda donor, BSA’s and the occasional Harley.

How much does it cost? This we do not publicize. We prefer you to call us and speak to a Staud Cycles Representative. It is difficult to put a generic price on projects due to the wide variation of donor bikes and parts that are used. Also, it helps you get a better understanding of the cost involved.

Example Project Mock-up