Financing available and trades considered.

Through many hours of development, working with current World Champion Brad Freeman, Beta has transferred the team’s technology into a production model with an innovative twin-spark ignition system. This new system utilizes two spark plugs in the cylinder head that are fired at the same time. This dramatically improves the engine’s overall torque while still providing top-end power when needed. Both torque and overall horsepower have been increased.

New frame for 2024 has been developed for this model to improve the turning stability of the bike and reduces flex under heavy load but doesn’t hamper the overall feel and rideability of the chassis.

The new twin-spark system decreases fuel consumption while offering a cleaner burning engine. This system, combined with the revolutionary Keihin carburetor, provides a clean running engine, similar to that of an EFI model, yet still retains the linear power delivery that only a carburetor can provide. An added bonus to the twin spark ignition is that in the event of a fouled or faulty spark plug, the bike will continue to run.

Features: Electric start, pre-mix to save on weight, dual material rear sprocket, racing graphics and seat cover, adjustable power valve, front axle pull, billet aluminum footpegs, off-road light and meter package, counter balanced engine, easy access air filter box, and adjustable KYB AOS closed cartridge front forks, KYB rear shock with adjustable rebound and high/low compression adjustment