Finishing touches and final thoughts.
Betas come with a large rear brake rotor so I strongly recommend getting a shark fin type guard such as this one from Enduro Engineering. The latest version has an extra piece added to protect the rear brake caliper.
Dual metal sprockets not only look good but also add durability without adding to much extra weight due to the teeth being steel and the center portion being aluminum.
For added comfort and durability I added Enduro Engineering brush guards, ARC levers, Renthal half waffle grips and 20mm spacers from Beta. I suggest if you are 6 feet tall and above to move the handlebar risers forward to the furthest bolt holes on the top triple clamp and add 10-30mm risers.
Aftermarket footrests are quite nice. They give you more area to rest your feet and typically more grippy and keep your feet from slipping off while riding. Even though Raptor Titanium footrests are quite expensive, I could not resist, they look amazing!
If the points are too sharp for your liking, you can dull them up with a sander or file.
We opted to replace the OEM band with Beta’s heavy duty version.
One subject we did not previously cover was suspension. From the factory the suspension is setup very plush and smooth, perfect for slow technical style riding commonly found when trail riding. However if you find yourself pushing it hard and wide open on straight sections you may need to give this area some attention.
First and foremost, you should be running the correct spring rates for your suspension based on your body weight along with all your riding gear. Also while you are changing the fork spring, you may consider changing the 7.5 wt fork oil the forks came with to heavier 15 wt fork oil. This is one of the easiest and cheapest route to go and for the most part, satisfies most riders.
Other options are Beta’s cartridge fork kit which adds more adjustability and Beta’s open or closed chamber fork kits found at

In the future we may go with Beta’s closed chamber fork kit for our project bike because the red anodized tubes look absolutely amazing and perform as good as they look!

All and all I found this project fun and for the most part easy to do. The bike is amazing out of the box but the addition of a few parts you can really wake it up! With the airbox mod, Fresco Pipe, FMF silencer and rejetting the carburetor it adds a substantial amount of mid range and top end but does not take away from the smooth torquey bottom end that the bike is known for.
Please check out the parts section of our website to order any of these items we used on this project and much more! If you cannot find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.