We decided to take a stock Xtrainer and transform it to the ultimate Trail Tamer.
A pile of parts ready to be added to our project bike.
Let’s begin by modifying the airbox for more air.
We did not have a before picture, so we went with a pic of a 2019 Xtrainer. We started by moving the control unit out of the way and then removing the 2 screws that hold the upper airbox lid in place. One screw right below the control box and the other just to the right of the screw securing the subframe to the main frame.
Now grab a hold of the top airbox lid and pull it out. You may need to wiggle it left to right to get it to come out.
Secure the control unit to the subframe using a ziptie.
More air in requires more air out! We decided to go with the Fresco pipe, hand welded and made in Italy. To me not only does this pipe look amazing, but it also improves engine power all-around and increases top end overrev capabilities.
Running this pipe and airbox mod requires jetting and tuning changes to the carburetor.
The OEM muffler does not come with a spark arrestor. So I opted with the FMF turbine core II. It is not too loud and comes with a built in spark arrestor.
We opted for the (red) metal idle speed screw from Beta. The OEM screw is made of soft plastic and tears up quite easily when using a screw driver on it. Also, it requires you to carry an extra tool (screwdriver) for adjustment. This version is easily adjusted with your fingers instead.