Let’s modify a few more items for simplicity and durability reasons beginning with the engine sprocket guard.
Under light use conditions the guard works fine but not so well in really muddy conditions. The guard ends up retaining and packing mud inside the guard creating friction and potential wear on the drive chain. Remove it and replace it with this item. Also, aids in protecting the clutch slave cylinder.
I personally don’t care for the chain guard over the wheel sprocket. Great for riding on the street and keeping chain lube off your tire but for me it’s another potential failure item. Also, has a much cleaner look when removed.
To remove the guard you have to remove two screws. One on the inside….
And one at the top just under the chain. You will have to disconnect the drive chain or cut a slit in the guard to remove it from the drive chain.
Don’t forget blue loctite!
The inner tubes that come with the bike are the cheapest of the bunch. You can go with Tubliss or Mousse in place of a tube. Instead I opted for the Michelin ultra heavy duty tubes for durability and ease of installation. These tubes are 4mm thick and highly resitant to pinch flats! If you remove the valve and inflate them a little, it’s actually quite easy to install.
You can see the difference in quality. The tube on top is the Michelin. The only downside is they are quite heavy in weight due to the thickness of the rubber.